paul tremonti

paul tremonti

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First Name * paul
Last Name * tremonti
Username * miniwatt
Country * USA
City Traverse City
Nationality American
Languages English



Availability: Freelance
Website NA


Started miniwatt studio straight out of high school. Started out as an traditional artist doing illustrations, graphic design, and traditional animation. Became interested in computers since the sixth grade with the PET Computer and continued from there to, of course, the TRS-80. If memory serves I purchased a Commodore VIC-20 in my early teens and with a friend made some basic games and just had to eventually get the Commodore-64 when that came out and had much fun with the early paint programs and sprite editors. As you might have guessed this trend led me to purchase an Amiga 2000. Teaming with a friend we wrote a story of a young boy named Tim who wanted to become the master of the Net. When Tim entered the Net all the backgrounds would be done using 3D with hand drawn overlays-which would have been the first of its kind. So the addition of NewTeks' Video Toaster was added to my computer to use Lightwave for the backdrops. We shopped it around but could not get anyone to publish it for most said no one would be interested in such a story; ahead of our time was our thinking. I eventually started doing sprite animations for some game-maker-wannabes which became a wash, but eventually led to various jobs do to its inclusion into my portfolio. I continued to keep up with the 3D revolution, getting various jobs for architects, product visualization, prototypes, etc. 3D work for the studio tends to be for small architects that wish to show clients variable options to the remodeling and additions to homes that they are unsure of. Future plans are to expand the 3D pipeline, hence showing of recent work and works that are still in progress.